medium dark roast coffee
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medium dark roast coffee

Blue Ridge Blend

Medium Roast - K-Cups®

Medium Roast - K-Cups®

Our Blue Ridge Blend makes a solid, well balanced cup that will leave you feeling like you just woke up in the fresh Tennessee mountain air. An all-day blend with a medium body and balanced notes of honey, chocolate, vanilla and molasses, Blue Ridge delivers a smooth and satisfying coffee experience. This is the perfect everyday blend.

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dark roast coffee

Flavor profile

Honey, chocolate, vanilla, molasses, caramel, slightly nutty

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dark roast coffee

Blend story


This everyday medium blend was inspired by life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Every batch begins with premium coffee beans grown at high altitude in the mountains of Costa Rica and Brazil, where they are hand-picked and processed with care before being crafted into a smooth, balanced medium coffee that’s exceptionally drinkable any time of day.

dark roast coffee


Small Batch Roasted

After it’s been handpicked, every bean of Crockett Coffee is roasted to perfection in small batches at our family-owned roaster. Each roast variety has been customized to deliver a unique flavor profile, for consistently great coffee brewed with the spirit of the wild frontier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

The taste isn’t bitter and simply delicious!


2nd best coffee I have ever had! Dark roast was #1!

Bob Bartlett
Here's to ya!

Tastes good. I don't have 4,939 words left in my vocabulary.

Helen Smith Eger
Great brew with a purpose!

This is a great brew with a purpose. Davy Crockett is a symbol strength and commitment to our country. He was a man of action. The good works that will follow with the purchase of this coffee will ripple out into the community. Enjoy your cup of brew while strengthening our country, too. It's a goood cup of coffee! Bottoms up!

Ron Wolfe
Great flavor

Great coffee , will buy again


Commonly Asked Questions

Where does your coffee come from?

Crockett Coffee works directly with a family-owned, small batch master roaster to source, roast, package and deliver the very best coffee beans right to your door. Everything we sell is ethically sourced. The specific origins of each variety can be found in its product description.

What are the benefits of a subscription?

As a Crockett Coffee subscriber, you not only enjoy regular shipments of your favorite coffee beans delivered right to your door, but shipping is always free. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to keep your kitchen or office stocked with great coffee.

Can I try before I subscribe?

Absolutely. Feel free to make a one-time purchase so you can experience Crockett Coffee before committing to a subscription. But remember: you’re free to modify or cancel at any time. We created subscriptions to free up your time – not lock you into a long-term commitment.

How long will my Coffee stay fresh?

All Crockett Coffee orders are roasted fresh in small batches. On your box or bag, you will find a 'best by' date.