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Crockett coffee is about America, freedom, and the frontier spirit. It's the most delicious way to get fired up for your adventures ahead. Crockett coffee embodies the ethos of Davy Crockett himself. He was a backwoods legend who conquered the wilderness- that's why our logo is Davy surfing on the backs of crocodiles. So drink Crockett coffee, enjoy the amazing flavors- and get ready to ride the crocs in your life!

meet the founders


Crockett Coffee was founded by Clay Travis, Buck Sexton and Mason Sexton. You know Clay and Buck from the biggest show on talk radio, airing on 500 stations nationwide. They teamed up with Buck’s brother, Mason, an entrepreneur and fellow coffee fanatic, to find roasters with roots in Tennessee – the heart of America – all to send you the most delicious, small batch, American-roasted coffee anywhere. Start your morning like the adventurer you are- with Crockett!


In alignment with our commitment to contribute positively to our community, Crockett Coffee is proud to announce a partnership with the esteemed non-profit organization, Tunnel to Towers (T2T.org). Through this collaboration, we will allocate a portion of our proceeds to support their noble mission of honoring military and first responders. Tunnel to Towers provides mortgage-free homes to families of fallen heroes and constructs specially-adapted smart homes for severely injured veterans and first responders. Their dedication extends to eliminating veteran homelessness and ensuring the legacy of the heroes that perished on September 11, 2001, endures. Echoing the selfless spirit of Davy Crockett, who also sacrificed his life for our nation, we are privileged to assist in the growth and impact of this vital organization.


We need patriots. We need heroes.

We need you.


Hunter. Storyteller. Patriot.

Every cup of Crockett Coffee overflows with the pioneering spirit that earned Davy his nickname: King of the Wild Frontier.

  • 1776


    With the American Revolution in full swing, Davy’s father – John Crockett – rode with the Overmountain Men to kick some British ass in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

  • 1786


    Little Davy Crockett was born in East Tennessee and named after his grandfather. And while a life of adventure and accomplishment awaited him, growing up on the early American frontier was not easy.

  • 1798


    As a 12-year-old cowboy, he joined Jacob Siler on a 400-mile cattle drive to Virginia. That much is true, but Davy later told tales of running away from home and befriending a bear he named “Death Hug.”

  • 1813


    As Davy grew, so did his bravery. He joined the Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Riflemen and sharpened his hunting skills. After the militia, he dove into local public service to fight for settlers rights.

  • 1827


    Davy made it all the way to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he kept fighting for the rights of poor settlers. Dressed in his trademark Raccoon Skin cap, he was an unmistakable figure in the halls of national politics.

  • 1830


    Davy’s tall tales became legendary. He threw a crocodile into the Mississippi, outran a panther and beat the devil himself at cards. He was the smartest, bravest on the American frontier.

  • 1835


    Wearing his trademark Racoon Skin cap, Crockett and a band of well-armed volunteers set off to join the Texas Revolution, ready to help resist the forces of Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna.

  • 1836


    Davy met his fate during the final assault on the Alamo. They found him, aged 49, surrounded by more than a dozen dead enemies – one final feat for a larger-than-life American hero.

Join the Crockett Community

Join the Crockett Community


The Crockett Coffee community is made up of doers and leaders. Self-reliant people with a pioneering spirit who are ready to fuel up and do what needs to be done.